Who wins?

A recent flurry of activity on X got my attention (thank you, Jeff). From a response to a post about President Trump’s recent “bloodbath” statement…

This is a pervasive sentiment — and it’s a sentiment that works in both directions.

Truth: The Left ignored the economic statement that Trump was making (involving a tariff on China)

Truth: Using the word “bloodbath” in today’s world is, at best, careless (at worst, irresponsible).

Surely: Trump never intended to encourage real, literal violence.

Surely: The Left doesn’t like the China tariff on Chinese cars — simply didn’t want to listen, even if the statement has merit.

Surely: Trump is no dummy. He instinctively knew the word “bloodbath” would get attention. He is a master manipulator of the media, despite his complaints about it.

Surely: The Left seized the opportunity to fan flames and distract.

Truth: Who wins? The media.

I believe that there is almost always truth at the heart of both left and right — even amongst the lies. To get at a more holistic truth requires that we see truth in the other guy’s statements as well as ours, and see the lies in our own as well as the other guy’s.