I’m Mike Franke

I launched Understanding On Purpose because I am tired of the same old political and social discussions, where people rant on social media to people who already agree with them, and shout down those who don’t.

I believe that it is logically impossible to disagree with someone whom we do not understand, and that we cannot claim to understand someone until they say we do. As a consequence of this, I have observed that the more people argue, the less they actually disagree.

I am fascinated with the notion that none of us can name a single thing that we are wrong about in the present moment; that it feels exactly the same to be wrong about something as it does to be right.

I am a husband, a father, a technology professional, a musician, a martial artist, and an armchair philosopher. I love people. I constantly surprise myself with the opinions I have about things I say I don’t care about. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

“The more we argue, the less we actually disagree.”

Are you curious?