“Seek first to understand…”

– Dr. Stephen R. Covey


Understanding On Purpose is a gathering place for fellow travelers who are interested in understanding diverse perspectives rather than ranting about their own; who tend to form their own opinions by triangulating those of others who differ; who believe that life is a multiple-choice test, but with essay questions.

We cannot disagree with someone whom we do not understand, and we cannot claim to understand someone until they say we do.

What are you wrong about, right now?

What’s Now?

The promise of the internet and social media was to bring people together through the free exchange of information. Tragically, it has also served as a catalyst for polarization.

What’s Next?

It’s time to change the way we have conversations about things that matter. Think you disagree? Prove it, by demonstrating a thorough understanding of who and what you disagree with.

What’s it For?

We are in the same boat together, and leaning away from each other makes the boat unstable. Let’s get a little closer together before we capsize. A better world is a better world for everyone.

You can see better from

the top of the fence.

– Mike FrankÄ“


Join a growing community of people who are tired of polarization and want to take back social media to bring together people who are more interested in the way we talk to with each other than what we talk about.


We live in a glorious age of information. Share what you know: books, songs, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, documentaries, conversations you’ve had. Share it all — out loud and in public. Yes, this is precisely how polarization gets started in the first place. But in this community, we are not about convincing. We here to understand — on purpose.

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