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I posted the following piece (minus a few edits) on Facebook in 2012. Facebook reminded me of it today. It seems I was ahead of my time 10 years ago — or at least foreshadowing this web site. . . . There are lots of things about Affordable Care to dislike — among them, the […]

Be the Idiot

It’s my own personal observation, and source of sadness, that so much of today’s conversations are about convincing someone (including ourselves?) that we are NOT idiots. I’ve been in some sort of engineering profession for most of my life. However, I was a high school teacher for four years. During those years, I learned a […]

Love + Work

I just finished a book by Marcus Buckingham, titled “Love + Work.” I didn’t really want to read it. I kinda had to, because my wife “thought I would like it.” I started by speed-reading it — which usually means I read the first paragraph of each chapter, the first line of each paragraph, and […]

Who are you really?

I had to share. One of my negative habits that I’m trying to leave behind is the habit of turning on my TV when I eat. We have one right above the little table where we often eat informally. I tend to flip to Netflix and watch whatever series I’m watching that my wife isn’t […]

Agree to Agree

Just a quick thought… I understand “agreeing to disagree” — really I do. Often, that’s where we get in a conversation. Maybe even most of the time. But “we agree to disagree” doesn’t have to be the default position, does it? Furthermore, is that really a “conversation?” When I read “ideas are exchanged,” I interpret […]

The Predator?

I’m going a bit out on a limb with this post. Way out, actually. I’m taking a writing class* (several, actually), and this day’s exercise was to write a poem, inspired by a number of carefully chosen prompts. To be clear — I’m not a poet. I generally don’t really “get” poetry, unless it’s performed […]

A Gift From a Friend

A friend of mine sent me this just a few minutes ago, and I haven’t even responded yet to thank him. I just feel that this message needs to go out. I believe in God, but I am not a religious man. I have lots of suspicion around, resentment of, even hatred for many things […]

Contempt Prior to Investigation

My wife was reading a book last night about EMDR. This was the quote at the top of the chapter — probably because EMDR is often met with a lot of skepticism, at least at first. I’m sure she took the time to read the quote to me because she knew it would resonate with […]

Democratic Spirit

I’m reading a book called “Consider the Lobster,“ by David Foster Wallace. It’s a collection of essays. I’m on the one called “Authority and American usage,“ in which he discusses being a “SNOOT” — essentially a very rabid nerd about composition and grammar. It’s very deep, and extremely intellectual. I had to look up a […]