I’ve seldom made decisions easily. It’s part of my nature to ponder all the variables, see things from all angles, and take as much time as possible, before making any decision. Well, almost any decision.

My wife and I were married within nine months of meeting each other. I chose my college major in 15 minutes by scanning a big book of college majors in alphabetical order (I landed on Aerospace Engineering). In my job as a project manager, I make hundreds of decisions every day (and I’m usually exhausted at the end of every day).

So anyway, it’s always comforting to me when I come across an article, podcast, or whatever, that extolls the virtues of re-thinking (and re-re-re-thinking). This is one such article, given to me as a gift by a guy for whom I have a lot of respect, and don’t seem to agree with much. It pleases me that, when he encountered this piece, he thought of me. Thanks, Jeff.