Podcast Episode #1

I have not yet done the homework to learn how to launch an official podcast. But I did just finish a first draft of my first episode.

This is a conversation with two friends of mine, both of whom I know from practicing Aikido. We got together over beer to discuss how to have better conversations.

I haven’t launched the actual podcast yet (probably on Apple Music), and there will be some additional editing. But this will give you an idea what’s in store.

Things we discussed:

  • Conversations versus arguments
  • There is a market for conflict
  • The conditions necessary for disagreement
  • Talking stick
  • Understanding the nature of the conflict
  • How practicing Aikido is like practicing conversations
  • Maslow’s hierarchy — the process of being attacked
  • Ability to interact is a skill, and it can atrophy
  • Alone time, and how important it is
  • The “I,” the “You,” and the “We.”
  • Understanding ourselves is a key to better conversations

Just for fun… here’s a screen shot of the labels I added to the recorded conversation before I edited 2+ hours down to 1h 10m.