Curiosity Over Clash

I sat down to have some breakfast today and turned on TED to see what I could see, and stumbled onto this talk. I couldn’t have said it better. THIS is an idea worth spreading.

The high points:

  1. Choose curiosity over clash
  2. Expect development of your ideas through discussion
  3. Anchor in common purpose

Scenery along the way:

  1. I never thought it about it exactly that way before. What can you share that can help me see what you see?
  2. The people you are curious about tend to become curious about you.
  3. Think of conversations as a climbing wall.
  4. Make the ideas sharper and the relationships warmer.
  5. If it doesn’t seem worth the bother, re-evaluate the purpose of the conversation: to learn, to listen, to share.
  6. Start with the big picture. Then move on to principles.
  7. It’s easier to share with outsiders than with insiders.
  8. Invite people to inhabit future possibilities.
  9. Take responsibility for reminding people of their shared purpose: caring for people.

… and if you liked that, try this: