I’m still reading Monica Guzman’s “I Never Though Of It That Way.” Just wanted to post a note about a new idea — for me.

Guzman makes a distinction between asking yourself two questions which usually signal whether you’re open to a new idea.

Question 1: “Can I believe this?”

Question 2: “Do I have to believe this?”

Both questions are ways to approach ideas we don’t like. The first one helps us approach them with uncertainty and interest. The second is more resistant.

Nobody likes to think of themselves as “close minded.“ But, I think the fact is that most of us are close minded about many things.

I have asked people in conversation “what do you think the chances are that I could say something to change your mind, even just a little?” Often, I get some version of “pretty slim.”

So I say: “so your mind is closed on this subject?”

And they say: “oh, I’m not close minded! I just don’t think you can change my mind.”

And yet, I think maybe I already have. If even just a little.