A Gift From a Friend

A friend of mine sent me this just a few minutes ago, and I haven’t even responded yet to thank him. I just feel that this message needs to go out.

I believe in God, but I am not a religious man. I have lots of suspicion around, resentment of, even hatred for many things associated with “religion.” For me, most of that stuff has, most of the time, gotten between me and God, not led me towards God.

The friend that sent this to me is a deeply religious man, and this has often put us at odds over the years we’ve known each other — though almost never enough so to keep us from keeping touch (thank God — literally). But this video is where he and I intersect. I am deeply grateful for the gift, but also for the realization that this web site seems somehow to be at the nexus of the things we argue about so often — not only he and I, but so many of us, on almost every topic.

Note: the link above starts at about 2:11 into the whole video. If you’re interested in the rest, in which JP makes a case for religion, then check out the first part. I reluctantly and humbly agree that religion has an important place in our lives and in our society (despite my misgivings), and JP says it well.

So. Next time you’re in a confrontation… ask yourself… Who’s the enemy here?

(Thanks, Jeff)